Damodharan Thulasiram


I build for all things web.

Intrigued by design, armchair philosophy and anything CS. I am driven by a strong sense of need to improve the quality of life through the products I design and create.

I come with a hybrid background in both backend systems and frontend technologies. I am also a Programming languages enthusiast and dabble with Rust, Lisps and other FP languages in leisure in many miniature side projects.


Bengaluru, India Sep 2020 - Jul 2023
Senior Staff & Staff Engineer

Key Focus: Mentoring, OKRs and KPIs of Identity and OMS Systems

  • Development: Unified Identity and OMS services
  • Observability: KPI monitoring with tools such as NewRelic, Jaeger, Performance Insights and SonarQube
  • Initiatives: Sentry as default error monitoring, Stripe styled ids, Revenue drop for top merchants
  • Community: Organized public Golang meetup (June 2022)
Senior Software Engineer

Key Focus: Stability of Core Ledger and Approval Systems

  • Best Practices: Driven in golang especially in validations, errors and logging
  • Observability: Using Prometheus, Cloudwatch and Grafana
  • Docs Platform: Built using Docusaurus and OAPI3 spec compatible tooling
  • Tooling: Inhouse fixed window rate limiter
  • Community: Headed the Internal Python meetups
Chennai, India Jun 2014 - Apr 2016
Systems Engineer

I was actively involved in the transition of a more robust version of Inventory Tracking and Reporting system. I have also contributed minor roles in Credit Collection, Location, and General Ledger management systems for Finance Planning and Accounting Division, FritoLay - NorthAmerica.



B.E Mech (2010-2014)

Hindustan University, Chennai.


A robust RabbitMQ consumer using Kombu

A simple python package which serves as a framework for diffing and patching complex objects.

A python package which can be hooked onto Django as an app. The app is based on behavioural design pattern “Feature toggle” by Martin Fowler.