Hi, I'm Thulasi

I build for all things web.



Programming in the large. Currently @Simpl- Bengaluru, India.

Intrigued by design, armchair philosophy and anything CS. I am driven by a strong sense of need to improve the quality of life through the products I design and create. I also wish the world would become a gentler place.

In leisure, I like to play chess, swim, surf the web, read books and listen to music.


Previously: @Treebo, @Infosys

OSS Contributions at Github and thoughts on Twitter

I come with a hybrid background in both backend systems and frontend technologies. Polyglot.

Day to Day: Python, Go and RubyOccasionally: Javascript, misc frontend developments and Java.Renewed interest: RustPiques interest:
  • General(Hyped) Functional languages
  • Various lisps
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